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Scrolls for Victims of Disaster

victims of disaster

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There are many groups and organizations that answer the call to these disaster victims who would otherwise be left helpless. Scrolls of Hope has recognized the need to join in to help these people in their time of need. We have created a program were you can help us send gifts of hope. Please consider how your contribution towards this program will help others recover there lives.

How can your spare change makes a difference

How "People of Goodwill" can
change the world one scroll at a time.

Inspired from the works of Donald L. Hamilton

We all live together on this tiny planet - a lonely island in the vast cosmos of the universe. It is to the benefit of all Mankind that we make the most of our brief existence and try to live in peace with each other. With human nature being what it is, 'People of Goodwill' is dedicated to establishing some fundamental guidelines. By doing so, people can enjoy the fruits of mankind's tremendous imaginative powers by establishing a peaceful and prosperous coexistence with all of humanity on this tiny speck of stardust that we call home.

In this complex troubled world with so many factions trying to influence and dominate our thinking we need all the help we can get. With this help we may choose a responsible, positive path to follow during our lifetime to ensure our children will inherit a strong and beautiful world.

People of Goodwill do not look for recognition. They toe the line without any thought to themselves. They are the good Samaritans who see a need and inherently fill it without any ulterior motive. They seldom receive credit for their actions and are usually anonymous to the masses. Their natural demeanor is structured around the golden rule and the virtues of man.

The following list of principles is offered to help guide you to better relationships with your family, friends and other people. 'People of Goodwill' is dedicated to promoting and spreading these ideas so that human society may continue to be a safe, beautiful and happy place to live and raise our children.

The goal is based on mutual respect and dedicated to the following: Promote the health, happiness, and security of our family, community, country and planet now and in the future, in a positive and responsible manner. These principles are not new. They have been handed down in many societies and stated many different ways. There is a greater evil in doing nothing, individual indifference is more destructive than the actual acts of those who would destroy us.

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Gifts for the homeless


Beware of storytellers who promote prejudice, hate and anger against other people.

Respect the rights of other people, as you would like to be respected, even though you may not like them.

If married, strive to provide a safe, friendly, loving, healthly and happy environment for your spouse and family.

Strive to maintain your credibility and the support of your family, friends and fellow citizens. Refrain from profanity and illegal drugs entirely. Do not drink alcoholic beverages or at most, drink very moderately.

Set a good example. Be a positive storyteller. Lead your family in a positive direction and instill positive moral values in your children. Avoid being too domineering or being dominated.

Strive to provide a positive, well-rounded education for your children so: they will know their place in history, have the proper tools to live a happy, fruitful life and will be able to provide economic and moral guidance for their families in the future.

Strive to give aid to people in need, in a responsible, friendly manner.

Protect the environment. Strive to build and maintain a safe, clean and beautiful neighborhood, community, country and world for your families and all humanity to live in and enjoy.

Do not abuse or mistreat the animals that we share this planet with.

Support the beauty and vibrance of your culture, art, music and literature.

Support and promote the economic well-being of your community and country so that we can maintain the present high standard of living that we now enjoy.

Speak out to promote justice and fairness for all.

Strive to keep your imagination headed in a positive direction. It is an extremely powerful gift that could lead you down either, very positive or very negative paths.

Avoid burdening your future generations with the debt of the present generation.

Safeguard your family, community, country and the planet at all times.

Strive to maintain your constitutional freedoms and work to eliminate unnecessary and burdensome laws and regulations.

Support the laws of your country but speak out to change unfair laws or laws that give unfair advantages to various groups.

Strive to eliminate corruption and waste wherever you see it occurring.

Strive to keep your civilization on the highest level that can possibly be achieved.

If you are inclined to religious belief -- ask for the guidance from your Creator so that you may live by these tenets.

A day spent giving to those in need is a day well spent

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