Scrolls to Good Samaritans

Scrolls of Hope has also
developed a special way to show appreciation to the humanitarians in our lives. To send appreciation click
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Scrolls for Victims of Disaster

Scrolls of Hope
doing something about it.

There are many groups and organizations that answer the call to these disaster victims who would otherwise be left helpless. Scrolls of Hope has recognized the need to join in to help these people in their time of need. We have created a program were you can help us send gifts of hope. Please consider how your contribution towards this program will help others recover there lives.

How can your spare change makes a difference

Aging is a natural part of life., and It begins from the moment we are born.  Although strangely we don’t seem to think about ourselves or our loved ones growing older.  Often when this time in life arrives we feel unprepared and alone.  The natural order feels reversed as the younger help care for the older.  Those who need help for the first time have a hard time accepting it.  Scrolls of Hope sends messages of hope and understanding letting them know that they are cared for and cherished.


Scroll of Hope to an Adult
with a Gift Package
starting at $48.50

Deluxe option available

See lower on the page to view all the items, the descriptions, and value

Scrolls for Adults / Elderly

Take a moment and think about how your words will make a difference in someone's life. These few words from you could prove essential in changing a patient’s outlook and is what makes Scrolls of Hope so unique.There are a few guidelines in working with our affilates in exactly what is written. You may want to look through our collection of thoughtful notes for inspiration, which meet these guidelines as you write your personalized messages. All of our pre-written messages are editable once you select one as a starting point. There is also an option to include a photo or image on your scroll.

Write your own message or
choose from a prewritten selection

Send a Scroll of Hope

You can also send a Scroll of Hope to someone you know. Upon writing your message there will be an option to send it to a friend or family member.

After you write your message you can choose from two options for gift packages. One is the Adult / Elderly "Basic" Gift Package. Scrolls of Hope has created a few variations of this package. Our packages are designed to be suitable for anyone. We have taken into account gifts for women and men. There is also an option in which a soft and fluffy fleece blanket can be added to give a little snuggle and warmth.

In each gift package seniors or patients will receive a personalized message from you in a vintage bottle and a loving gift. The gift packages can include a huggable pillow, night-light lantern, playing cards, and a game book with lovely feather pen. Also included will be one of the following items; an amazing number puzzle, a standard sized portable chess/checker set, a soft plushy or a beautiful handcrafted miniature floral arrangement. Gifts are selected to meet the needs of the recipient. Scrolls of Hope also offers soft fleece blankets.

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