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Scrolls for Victims of Disaster

Scrolls of Hope
doing something about it.

There are many groups and organizations that answer the call to these disaster victims who would otherwise be left helpless. Scrolls of Hope has recognized the need to join in to help these people in their time of need. We have created a program were you can help us send gifts of hope. Please consider how your donation of a dollar or more towards this program will help others recover there lives.

How can your spare change makes a difference

Imagine how exhausted you are at the end of the day.  From waking up to going to work and finally going to bed at night you are up for 16 hours, and feel every minute of it.  Now imagine taking that 16 hour day and making it days on end without rest or basic human necessities.  We are able to take a warm shower to help us wake up while a soldier goes days or weeks without running water.  A soldier’s day consists of constantly moving forward no matter what happens while we are lucky enough to take a break when life is too much. We walk down the beach, staring at all the happy people while soldiers patrol the streets searching for insurgents and terrorists.  When it is too hot for us we can find refuge in air conditioning but a soldier wears heavy gear in temperatures we cannot imagine, not daring to take off the helmet to wipe a sweaty brow.  We are fortunate for what we have and often times forget the struggle of others to allow us these comforts. You came to this site because you care about our soldiers  and a soldier finds out that someone cares about what he is doing to defend our country.


Anyone can send a Scroll of Hope to a soldier to uplift their morale.
One of the objectives in the creation of this package is to inspire groups, clubs, and fundraising
events to pool their resources together to send soldiers messages to raise their spirits.

Scrolls of Hope to a Soldier

Basic Morale Package Included - $80.96
Standard Morale Package Included - $99.38
Deluxe Morale Package Included - $118.35

See lower on the page to view all the items, the descriptions, and value

Scrolls for Soldiers

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Take a moment and think about how your words will make a difference in a soldier's life. These few words from you could prove essential in changing the soldier's outlook and is what makes Scrolls of Hope so unique.
There are a few guidelines in working with our affiliates in exactly what is written. You may want to look through our collection of thoughtful notes for inspiration, which meet these guidelines, as you write your personalized messages. All our pre-written messages are editable once you select one as a starting point. There is also an option to include a photo or image on your scroll.

Write Your Own Message Or
Choose From A Prewritten Selection

Send a Scroll of Hope

You can also send a Scroll of Hope to a soldier you know. Upon writing your message there will be an option to send it to a friend or family member in the military.

The Guardians

A soldier is a guardian of freedom, of the rights of people, and the American way of life. The American way is freedom, and other things we take for granted that are not guaranteed to everyone in the world. An American Soldier is not serving our country for the accolades or because they want life to be adventurous or more fulfilling. American Soldiers protect you from injustice and from tyranny. And no matter how much we may dislike war or politics, they are here just to protect us and our rights to live with freedom and liberty. They protect the right for us to say what we will. We still have these rights and freedoms today because we have American Soldiers.

After you write your message, you can choose from three options for morale packages. One is the soldier basic morale package. The next is the standard morale package. The final package is the deluxe morale package. Soldiers often come across displaced pets. Scrolls of Hope has formulated a healthy canine and feline rations which will give a soldier a way to help these lost animals. You can choose to send this with your morale package as an add-on option.

Each soldier will receive a personalized message from you in a vintage bottle and a morale package. The packages include various items such as; a frisbee, hacky sack ball, chess or checkers, game books, hand puzzles, playing cards and a few personal hygiene items. Soldiers receive all kinds of great care packages. The Scrolls of Hope package is designed to raise a soldier’s spirit, while they are away from home with a little fun and recreation. The items in the package can be shared or passed along to one another or to the local civilians. In times of war, children are often in a state of hardship. Every morale package includes a gift to pass along to the local children. All the morale package items are light and portable. As you finalize your package there is also something special that can be added on for displaced pets.

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